Here are some detailed examples of our work

Security / Doorman for Restaurants and Nightclubs

High end restaurants have an atmosphere.  The reason guests pay premium prices for food and drinks has a lot to do with the feel of the establishment.  If the atmosphere is right, guests will spend above average ticket prices, and leave satisfied.  We help locations facilitate this atmosphere.  We are often the first person your guest will see, and the last person that will wish them a goodnight. Whether it is handling dresscode at the door, or having a discreet conversation with a guest getting "a little loud", we will make sure that security concerns are handled as quickly and quietly as possible.  One of our mottos is "Think before you speak, speak before you act".  We know that we represent your entire staff when we approach a situation, and we act accordingly.

Hotel Security

Our security staff love hotel work.  Why?  People.  Our staff members love people.  And in the hotel industry, you meet many different types of people.  When working on location at our hotels, we monitor halls, do constant walk-throughs of property and even check parking decks.  We provide radios for communication with your staff.  Our goal is to make guests feel safe and secure.  We train our staff to think about their actions as if they were a manager.  This helps us to find an outcome that is desirable, without hurting your reputation in the hospitality industry.


Executive / Celebrity 

We specialize in providing the best that Atlanta has to offer in executive protection.  We can design a custom security solution for your stay, including forward risk/location assessment.  We can provide armed or unarmed personnel, all connected via radio for optimal communication.

Celebrity protection is another of our specialties.  As an actor, athlete or artist, we know that your fans are often your lifeblood.  Harsh words or actions can have a significant detrimental effect on your reputation.  We understand this, and provide protection with the "velvet gloves" approach.  We can keep you safe, while handling situations in a way that will not hurt feelings.

Movie / TV Production set Protection

Wow, Atlanta has really come along way in the past five years.  Movie and TV production has exploded in our city.  We provide custom production for movie sets and production sites.  We will meet with you or your representatives well before the start of production to discuss your needs.  We can provide security around the clock if needed.  We also provide location scouting.  With our contacts in the Atlanta Metro area as well as our knowledge of the city, you are getting a partner that has ties with restaurants, rooftops and nightclubs all over the city.  Need a Police presence?  How about road closure permits and traffic police?  We have you covered there as well.  Let us use our connections to make your shoot as productive as possible.

Event Security / Crowd Control

Need security to help you with the retail launch of the next big device? Are you hosting an event that is expecting 10,000 people or more?  Get in touch with us. We have you covered.  We can provide door / gate security and line cues to make sure the crowd stays docile and your event is a success.  Everything from retractable stantions to a full blown police presence if necessary.  The last thing you want is to have someone hurt at your event because order was not maintained - we will keep the order for you.