Security facts you may not know

Even in-house security must be licensed

The Secretary of State's Office requires all security agencies to have a security license through the GA Board of Private Detectives and Security agencies.  Even your in-house staff is required to be licensed by the State of Georgia.  There is a $1000 a day fine that can be levied against your establishment by The Secretary of States Office; and it is retroactive.  If you are audited, and have had an unlicensed guard working, you will be fined $1000 a day for every day they have worked.

Most hotel and restaurant robberies are easily prevented

By providing top notch security at your location, you can stop violent theft before it ever occurs.  Statistics show that 94% of hotel and restaurant robberies occur at locations with no physical security on staff.  Even if the security is not present 24 hours, your location is safer because thieves will avoid locations that have the presence of mind to hire a security company.  These locations are more likely to have closed monitored camera systems and state of the art security systems.


Hiring Bouncers off the street is a risky proposition

Many nightclubs tend to hire "bouncers" instead of trained security personnel.  This is absolutely the wrong choice to make.  "Bouncers" make rash decisions.  They tend to think in the moment.  They are reactive, not proactive.  They are not covered by any insurance.  Are you ready to put your multimillion dollar establishment into the hands of a "bouncer"?  Be smart, go with a professional company.

If a bouncer is hurt on your property, you will be held responsible.

If you have unlicensed "bouncers" working at your location, it is your responsibility to provide worker's comp insurance for each of these bouncers.  If an unlicensed security person is hurt at your place of business, you will be responsible for hospital bills, pain and suffering and more.  It's a fact.  Feel free to call your insurance company and ask if they cover security personnel.  THEY DO NOT.

Bouncer hurts guest = guest sues YOU

If a bouncer hurts a guest, EVEN IF THE GUEST IS AT FAULT FOR THE ALTERCATION, you will LOSE the law suit when the guest decides to sue.  Why?  Because you broke the law when you hired an unlicensed person to perform security duties at your location, and the result of any of the actions of the guard are your direct responsibility.

In short, be smart.  Let trained security professionals protect you and your location.